About Us

We are enablers

Spinircle India Pvt. Ltd has been inspiring its clients to expand and acquire loving customers. We have created this learning platform to enable experts from diverse areas of learning to share their knowledge with a wider audience.

Learner Circle is excited to show the infinity of learning. We offer all Learning from craftwork, art, yoga, language, baking, and we still are eager for more diversification. (Go through our courses, you’ll get an idea!)

Nothing is too small or too complex to learn. We believe that! Go Learning!

We are happy to announce a new initiative that we have started during the COVID-19 crisis to make learning affordable and accessible. This is to help kids and adults at home to use their time productively.

Let me introduce you to our baby – “The Learner Circle.”

We launched the Learner Circle to bring experts directly to your home and create an opportunity to learn something new every day. As of now, all the courses are free for the members of the platform. We have brought down the cost of learning to as low as less than Rs 5 per day. I invite you to come and experience it and learn something new!

Shan, CEO


Our Mission & Vision

Enable everyone in the world with a new skill. Help kids to learn new hobbies from their home during and post COVID-19.

Create new opportunities for a trainer to reach a wider audience. 

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Powered by Spini

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