All the courses are free for members. Become a member now.

All the courses are free for members

Just one membership to let your kid explore a new world of hobbies and skill development

Brain Work-outs

Ignite your kids brain cells with our Skill Learning Activities that will help them do well in academics as well.

Logical Reasoning

Different courses to improve Logical Reasoning

Wider Knowledge

Exposure to new hobbies and skills that could be a game-changer in the future.

Enable Academics

With a combination of art, music and literature, your kid is sure to excel in academics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Learner Circle?

Learner Circle is an online skill development platform. All the sessions are conducted online by an expert faculty.

How to start attending the courses?

Good to know that you are interested in our courses. The first step would be to become a member. We have monthly and annual membership plans. All our courses are free for members.

Do I have to pay for individual courses?

No. All our courses under the membership plan are free for our members. 

Why are the courses free for members?

Our objective is to provide a platform for all the kids to explore their hobbies in this digital era. Kids get distracted easily and spend a lot of time on cartoon and online videos. Our vision is to help kids identify a new skill or hobby.

How will the kids be benefitted with such activities?

It is known that music helps in maths. Similarly, arts & crafts help kids in improving hand-eye co-ordination. There are many such activities on Learner Circle that will help kids to improve their cognitive skills.

What happens after I become a member at Learner Circle?

All the courses will be available at Rs. 0 (Free) when you login. You can start registering for each course individually. Meeting links will be shared for those sessions. Let your kids discover their talent and explore the limitless possibilities through Learner Circle.

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