Chess For Beginners – Balasubramanian, Gunasekaran

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Learning Session Details

  • Duration – 8 hours
  • Age – Above 6 years
  • Batch size – Upto 15 Learners
  • The medium of Instruction – English, and Tamil
  • Key Learning – Understanding the basic strategies of chess and can improve overall chess performance.

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  • Notebook
  • Pen

Course Details

With this chess course, you will learn all the basics of how to play chess and be prepared to use those learned skills for real life!

May it be problem-solving, thinking ahead, getting creative, or training your memory. There are loads of more things you can develop, just by enrolling in this course.

Chess is actually super fun, motivating, and deep. And the more you learn the basics, the more you understand why.

You will learn

Introduction to chess

1) The Origins, The nature of the game, Chessmen, Placement of the chessboard, Number of Chessmen, Types of Chessmen, Arranging the chessmen.

2) Understand the chessboard better, Rules of moving and capturing, How the King moves and capture, How the Rook moves and capture, How the Knight moves and capture, How the Bishop moves and capture, How the Queen moves and captures, How the Pawn moves and captures, Pawn special power-Promotion

3) Under- Promotion, King, Capture with the king, Chess Notations, Algebric Notations, Notation for movement of piece, Notation for movement of pawn, Notation of Capturing with a piece, Notation for capturing with a pawn, Notation for page promotion, Test your Chess Notations

4) Recording Ambiguous Rook Moves, Recording Ambiguous Knight Moves, Recording End Result of the Game, Special Moves, Castling Rules, Notations for Castling. 

5) The ‘En-Passant’ Pawn Capture, Notations for ‘En-Passant’ Pawn Capture, Checking the king, How to Get out of check, Checkmate.

6) Relative value of the chessman, Exchange of pieces, Touch and Move, “I Adjust”, Illegal Move.

Finally: Introduction Test- 70 Questions

Elementary Mates

1) Two Rook’s Mate, Queen Mate, One Rook Mate.

2) Double Bishop’s Mate, Bishop and Knight Mate.

Simple Checkmates

1) Mate in One, Mate in Two, Mate in Three.

General Opening Theory

Typical Middle Game, Combination and Tactics

1) Pin, Knight Fork, Double Attack, Skewer Attack, Back Rank, Discovered Attack, Discovered Check, Destroying the Defender, Decoy.

2) Deflection, Overload Piece, Line Opening and Line Closing, Square Vacation, Passed Pawn, X-ray Attack, Zwischenzug- the Intermediate Move.

3) Draw by Repetition and stalemate, Smothered Mate, Windmills.

The End-Game

1) King and Pawn Ending, The concept of Opposition, Berger’s Rule of the square, King behind the pawn, King in front of the pawn.

2) Rook pawn Exception, King against Connected Passed Pawns, King against Disconnected Passed Pawns, Ending with Several Pawns, The concept of Triangulation.

3) Queen Against Advanced Pawn, Bishop and Pawn versus King, Bishop and Pawn versus Bishop, Knight and King versus Pawn, Rook versus Pawn, Rook and Pawn Endings.

4) Philidor’s Drawn Position, Lucena’s Winning Position.

Once you finish this course and apply what you learn, you will be a relative expert at the basics of chess and easily defeat most players that will not be as familiar with its many variations and intricacies.

Master the basics of chess and drastically improve your overall chess performance!

About the Inspirer

Balasubramanian, Gunasekaran is an experienced chess player with a fide rating of 1472. He has teaching experience for the past three years. He trained many of his students to become fide rated up to 1500. He is an effective communicator who strives to share the ins and outs of playing chess with his learners.

He believes learning chess is very productive because chess is for developing skills for life. He also believes by learning chess we can solve problems easier in life because we will be training ourselves to think forward and to think some steps ahead.

You always wanted to learn chess, but never had the time, or need to do it? Well, now is your time! All you have to do now is enroll this course and learn chess from our expert inspirer.


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