Keyboard for Beginners – Simiyon Rajan


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Learning Session Details (10 Hour Session)

  • Duration – 10 hours (1 hour each day)
  • Age – Above 7 years
  • Frequency: Weekly one class. Sundays only.
  • Dates: Nov 1, Nov 8, Nov 15, Nov 22, Nov 29
  • Batch size – 10 Learners
  • The medium of Instruction – English
  • Key Learning – Students will be able to play songs with proper practise.


Course Details

Learning to play Keyboard is an absolutely wonderful way to discover the world of music. It can also be considered as an entry ticket into the world of music. Learning to play musical instruments improves their hand-eye coordination, listening skills and fine tunes our senses. Learning music help us to cherish our memories with great detail. This learning session is going to help you to boost your mood and let your brain get more creative.

Music will be taught with Manual notes of c d e f g a b c and also following the syllabus of Trinity College London

  • Day 1: About music and keyboard
  • Day 2: Finger Placement and exercises
  • Day 3: Major Chords
  • Day 4: Roots of Major Chords. How to derive major chords?
  • Day 5: How to play a song with Notes?
  • Day 6: Minor Chords
  • Day 7: Roots of Minor Chords. How to derive minor chords?
  • Day 8: Basic trinity notes
  • Day 9: Rhythm, Different beats and how to play song with rhythm
  • Day 10: Chords Progression Practice

About the Inspirer

Simiyon Rajan is an experienced musician and teaches western music to his student in a prestigious institution for 4 years. He is teaching various musical instruments and western music to his student. 

He has 13 years of experience as a Pianist and a well-versed drummer. He loves music. His passion for music has made this Learning Session happen. He loves playing with different kinds of music. He also tries his hand as a Disk Jockey(DJ) for various shows and corporate events.


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